Interior Sippet


Vintage Feel

Getting a chance to film the space where i live was not only pleasing but also rewarding, since i got to see it through the lens of my camera. I can truly say i appreciate my home more now.

Filming in my home was exciting and more laid back than it would have been if it was on another location. Having all the gear i owned within reach, meant i didn't have to lug around a heavy bag, which wouldn't even have all the things i needed to film such as: my 40 inch Slider that i seldom use for intricate shots and my pro video tripod made entirely out of aluminium, which was the rock steadilly supporting the weight of my slider. 

My camera set up was a simple one as i needed the scenes to have a feel of movement: I shoot with a Sony A6500 that is great for the content i'm trying to put out. 4K resolution is the new norm now, or at least i'm trying to be one of the many pushing it out there to be. I'd be even more elated if Sony some how came up with a firmware update to make the A6500 shoot 4K in 60FPS (As of today 8/18/2017 the max outputs is 4K 30FPS). 

Color Grading: I wanted to go for a more vintage look in this video and OSIRIS LUT was a perfect fit with a little tweaking in color temperature and highlights. 

Composition. The entire video was shot with a Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS for the close ups and 16-50mm  f/3.5-5.6 for wide shots. Pretty basic stuff as far as composition goes. Tilting forward to an object or panning around isn't that exciting a action. 

PS: The scorpion isn't real. Just a cool home decor representing the sign - Scorpio.

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